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Our Story

Urban Landscape Collaborative, LLC (ULC) is an award-winning collaboration between Mauro Crestani & Associates and Chris Gent Landscape Studio.

Together, Mauro and Chris have over 70 years of combined experience in the landscape architecture profession, and have known each other, and worked together on various projects, since the mid ‘80s.

As ULC LLC, our projects cover a broad range in type and scale — from designs for gardens, greenhouses, and atriums for small private residences, to large-scale master plans for regional parks, educational campuses, and other community spaces.

Our mission is to rethink spaces and make a difference for the people who use them. All of us at ULC, from our earliest memories as children, have loved the places we’ve inhabited and have worked each day to make them better. We are committed to creating designs that enhance quality of life and enable healthy communities to flourish.

Meet the Team