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Project Description

Worked with Forest Preserve of Cook County, Department of Conservation and Experiential Programming to develop a Nature Play Plan that included, surveys of other Chicagoland nature play programs, interviews of 3 external managers of nature play areas and 6 internal departments that would be involved in the creation and maintenance of the Forest Preserves nature play areas, policies and design concepts for different types of forest preserve sites. The goal is to develop a guide to developing, implementing, maintaining, supporting and programming Nature Play Space in and around Cook County

“The Forest Preserves of Cook County Nature Play Guidelines may be the most ambitious system-wide plan in the country. The Guidelines provide a clear way forward for incorporating and managing nature play settings within the larger mission of the organization. The plan is especially forward thinking in its commitment to a strong evaluation component, the hope of which is to provide important impetus to other systems, to energize scaling-up of the Nature Play movement.”

– Robin Moore

Director of the Natural Learning Initiative, North Carolina State University

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Cook County IL